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5 Secrets That Make Montreal-Style Bagels the Best

Is there anything more joyous than a hot, fresh, yummy Montreal-style bagel? That melt-in-your-mouth bread and oh so delicious flavor is irresistible. But finding the best Montreal bagels near mein search engines can point you in the wrong direction. The good news is, we offer scrumptious Toronto bagelsat our bagel shop.

Haven’t heard of Montreal style bagelsbefore? If so, first of all,where have you been?! And second of all, here are five secrets that prove Montreal oven-fired bagels are the best!

Secret #1. They have been to space!

That’s right, this style of bagel is the only one to go to space! Astronaut Gregory Chamitoff brought four, six-packs of Montreal-bagels with him on his 14-day space flight aboard the Discovery. He wanted to bring his favorite food from his hometown city. That’s right, these bagels have been on a space shuttle.

Secret #2. They’re sweeter than New York style bagels.

Don’t get it confused, Montreal-style bagels are not New York style. When baked properly, they are slightly sweeter because we add a bit of sugar into the dough, and then after it’s rolled we poach it in honey-diluted water. They are also a bit crispy, somewhat smaller, and have a chewy interior. As traditional bakers, we also cook our bagels in wood-burning ovens like the first Montreal bagel makers. Our Toronto bagels are every bit as enjoyable as the first ones made in its birthplace.

Secret #3. Bagel making is a craft.

The entire process of creating Montreal bagels is an art. No tossing it in a machine, setting a timer and popping it in the oven with these style of baked goods. The bakers who make these pieces of doughy goodness view it as a craft. This is especially the case since wood-burning ovens do not have temperature gauges which means bakers have to use their instincts to get it just right.

Secret #4. Sesame Seed & Poppyseed are the best.

If you don’t buy a sesame seed or poppyseed bagel, you are doing it wrong. These delicious bagels are perfected toasted and taste the best right out the oven. Go with these flavors and you cannot go wrong.

Secret #5. You don’t need any spread to enjoy them!

Most people think of cream cheese when they picture bagels. But Montreal style bagels don’t require any spreads. Some folks prefer bagel and lox for their morning treat, but you can easily chow down on these beauties without the spread.

When you’re ready to try the best Toronto bagels, head on over to Bagel Time. We will be glad to serve up a stunning selection of Montreal-style bagels for your family.

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