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Bagel Time is the latest addition to Toronto's bustling food scene. We bake old Montreal style bagels, that are warm and fresh from a wood-fired oven, right in front of your eyes. 


Our handcrafted artisan bagels are baked fresh daily and are the best bagel Toronto has to offer...

In 1917, Isadore Shlafman arrived in Canada from Poland and opened the first bagel bakery in Montreal. It was called the Montreal Bagel Bakery. This is where Canadians got their first taste of bagel, rolled by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven.


After working at this Montreal bagel bakery (now known as Fairmount Bakery) Imran Khan came to Toronto to bake this new style of bagel. After working with a few different bagel bakeries in town he realized there was something missing. The secret ingredients and baking process of the original Montreal Bagel Bakery were not being upheld.


So now together with his family they decided to open Bagel Time to bring the true Montreal style bagel to the people of Toronto. 


They take great pride in providing the best Montreal style bagels possible.  Their bagels are baked fresh daily and only use the best ingredients.



Montreal Style 

Enjoy our fresh bagels. These wood oven baked bagels will take you to Montreal.

Gluten free 

Soft and chewy,our gluten free bagels are a healthy addition to your diet.


Try our bagel sandwiches and experience a perfect love affair between fresh bagels, veggies and meat.

Enjoy our bagels with your loved ones

Share our Montreal Style Bagel experience with people you love.


Our menu includes variety of freshly made bagels which will delight your guests. If you are hosting a special event like birthday party, baby showers, anniversary, employee appreciation parties we have a variety of options to pick from.



So happy to finally have found authentic Montreal Bagels in Toronto. 

Brenda Bibi Penna

great place, friendly people making excellent bagels

Gen Smiley

Amazing Montreal-style bagels!! I will definitely be back!

Hannah Dolly Bradley

Rina Kang

 Have been in search of a great wood fire bagel that could compare to a Montreal or even an Ottawa Kettleman's. Bagel time bagels hit the spot perfectly! 

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